Purchase Price:

USD $24,000 (Twenty-four thousand) or equivalent in Euros (EUR) or Chinese Yuan (CNY).

Crypto 5% discount purchase price: $22,800.

Rental Price:

$96 per week, paid as $1,152 every 12 weeks in advance.

Crypto 5% discount rental price: $1,094.40 every 12 weeks in advance.


About Payment

We accept bank transfers. We also highly recommend WISE transfers.

EU customers can send SEPA transfers to our EU bank account. The EURO price is based on the current interbank exchange rate and must be confirmed with us.

US bank transfers take 2-3 working days. International transfers take 4-5 working days. EU bank transfers usually take a few minutes. WISE transfers and crypto payments are instant.

About Crypto Payment

The 5% discount for paying with crypto reduces the price to $22,800.

We accept any cryptocurrency listed by the Kraken exchange but recommend using a stable coin such as Tether (USDT), which is pegged to the US dollar. This avoids fluctuations in value before you complete your purchase. The Euro version of Tether (EURT) or the Chinese Yuan version of Tether (CNHT) offer the same stability if buying in those currencies.

Paying by crypto is already cheaper and faster than any bank transfer but you also get that 5% discount.

About Renting

The rental option provides a low-cost, zero-commitment way to try out your idea with an impressive .com domain while retaining the option to buy, at the same price, at any time.

Renting will FREEZE the current price, avoiding any future increases. You can inexpensively test your idea without worrying that, if your project is successful, the purchase price will suddenly increase. Even if inflation devalues the dollar, you retain the right to buy at $24,000 (or, if paying with crypto, $22,800) for as long as you continue to rent.

The minimum rental period is twelve weeks. The agreement continues for as long as you continue to pay the full rent, as scheduled, every twelve weeks in advance. You can quit at any time, without notice and with no further obligation, by simply not making the next payment.

All online companies should ultimately own their domain, but the lower initial outlay of renting allows more ideas to be tested. A memorable and credible .com domain can make the difference between success and failure.