Rental Price:

USD $400 per month, paid every 3 months in advance ($1,200).¹

5% discount if paying with crypto.²

Purchase Price:

USD $24,000 (Twenty-four thousand).¹

5% discount if paying with crypto.²

5% extra if paying via³

Thank you for your interest but, due to time constraints, we cannot respond to offers. The price is the same for everyone, including agents, brokers, and traders.⁴

The rental option provides a low-cost way to try out your idea with an impressive domain while retaining the option to buy, at the original price, at any time.⁵


¹ We accept bank transfers but a simpler, cheaper, and faster way to transfer money, between 80 countries and 53 currencies, is to open a free multi-currency account (formerly known as TransferWise). This allows you to make free instant transfers, at the lowest conversion rates, to other members (including us), or directly to bank accounts in those 80 countries.

² We accept 3 types of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Monero (XMR). The amount is based on USD value as provided by Kraken ( at time of transfer.

The 5% discounted crypto RENTAL price is USD $1,140 every 3 months in advance.

The 5% discounted crypto PURCHASE price is USD $22,800.

Even without the 5% discount, crypto is the cheapest and fastest way to transfer money. We do not recommend it, however, if you have no previous experience . In particular, you should only buy from reputable exchanges. We like Kraken ( but there are many others, such as Coinbase, Binance, and

³ The total PURCHASE price when paying via is USD $25,200.

The extra 5% covers all fees + our time. We provide this option because some buyers feel more comfortable using an intermediary but it does require extra paperwork and coordination.

⁴ We offer no discount to domain professionals but, upon request, might be willing to take down this pricing page for an agreed period of time to facilitate your negotiations with potential buyers.

⁵ If renting to you, we will not sell, market, or offer the domain to anyone else for as long as you continue to rent with no arrears or late payments.

You also retain the option to buy at the original prices - direct, escrow, and crypto as listed above - at any time while you are still renting with no arrears or late payments. As long as you pay the full rent in advance of every quarter, as agreed, you retain all the value that your activities add to the domain.

When eventually purchasing, you receive no discount for rent you have paid in the past. There are also no refunds or partial refunds for quarters that have already commenced before you buy. What this arrangement allows is for you to inexpensively test your idea without worrying that, if your project is successful, the purchase price will suddenly increase. Your eventual purchase price is locked for as long as you continue to rent the domain with no arrears or late payments.

All online companies should ultimately own their domain, but lowering the intial outlay allows more ideas to be tested with an impressive domain name. For any online project, a memorable and credible domain can make all the difference between success and failure.

You can quit the rental arrangement at any time without notice and with no further obligations. Simply don't pay the next quarter.